Kamloops  Garden  Club


 Kamloops  Garden  Club




President Sharon Green 250-554-0278
Vice president: Karla Kolida
Secretary: Ruth Lunn
Treasurer: Carolyn Demers
Membership/Newsletter: Judy Villeneuve
Director of Flower Show:  Liv Sallows
Director of Speakers: Carol Wozencrof
Director of Facebook Page: Lorri Hauzeneder
Director of Advertizing: Sharon Green
Director of Vegetable Gardens: Muriel McIllwain

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Program for the June 22nd, 2019 Rose Show.   at Heritage House 100 Lorne St. 

Plant & Yard Sale 2019, May 11 at 837 Lolo St. from 8 am - till noon       


The Kamloops Garden Club was formed in February 19, 1950.

The purpose of the Club is:

- to collect and disperse information on all topics relating to plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

-to stimulate the knowledge and interest in horticulture.

-to promote interest in the beautification of homes and gardens in the community.

We usually meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 pm, in the upper level of Heritage House, 100 Lorne St. Kamloops.       

Membership is $15. per year.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please attend a meeting and speak with an executive member.  

We maintain a membership in the BC Council of Garden Clubs.  www.bcgardenclubs.com

For information, contact Judy at 250-374-4181 or  judyricher@shaw.ca;

Fairy Ring Cure add 1 cup of bleach to 1 gal of water, pour over fairy ring overlapping the area at least a foot, once per week for 5 weeks.

Recipe for complete organic fertilizer by Steve Solomon

For nitrogen

1.5 Quarts of feathermeal, or fishmeal

        Or  2 Quarts oilseed meal and 1 pint feathermeal and 1 pint fishmeal

 For phosphate

1 Quart Rock Phosphate or Bonemeal or 1 pint MAP (monamonium phosphate) ( but if using Map decrease nitrogen as Map contains   11% nitrogen

 For Potasium

1/3 cup potash

 For Trace minerals

1 pint Azomite  and/or  1 quart kelp meal (I just use the 1 pint Azomite)

 Spread complete fetilizer 3.5 Quarts for every 100 sq feet.